Question about the MC Audra

  1. Is it a shoulder or handheld bag? Since it is an open top with no zippered compartment, how do you prevent your wallet from falling out (for eg when it tips over?) Thanks for your input, as always, it is very much appreciated ! :P
  2. handheld.. its kind of like the bucket its hard. i'm sure with a pti in there it wont go far.. perhaps if you carry a small wallet using a pochette accessory and putting your wallet in it. you'd be able to loop the chain around one of the handles.
  3. It's a handbag. The straps are too short to go on the shoulder and are almost even a little awkward to hold in your hand. It goes nicely in the crook of your arm.
  4. Thanks, sounds like a rather impractical bag for me then with a toddler. It's really pretty though !