Question about the maintence of the Azurs

  1. Hi guys!!!!! :smile:

    So........ I have been keeping my eye on the Azur line and since this is the only line that gives me a glimmer of hope in keeping the hunt for new LVs...which I miss terribly believe it or not...cause theres nothing I want right now...And so.....

    Can I get your help on some infos on how you guys are doing with the maintenece of this white it harder than the Mono? Hows the handles doing? Is it turning color? Hows the color? Any issues??? Pics would be wonderful too!!!!! :shame:

    Thanks in advance for your help............I adore you guys!!!!!!!!:love:
  2. My pochette is waiting for the nicer weather.

    But i'm curious too, now thats its been a couple of months how does the change in color of the leather look in contrast with the damier azur canvas?
  3. I have the pochette and haven't had any trouble with mine. No color transfers/rubbings and it's still as pretty as the day I got it (plus a tiny bit of patina).
  4. I have had my azur speedy since nov 1. here are pics from then.

    And this is now, 3 months later. Its held up great, no dirt or anything and i have been using it a lot

  5. ^^ Lovely pics!!! It looks very sweet next to the Ebene.....
  6. I use my Azur cles everyday. Aside from it being totally stuffed, it still looks the same as when I first got it.
    azur cles.jpg
  7. I got my azur speedy 30 since nov, just treated vachetta w/SM and so far no color transfer or other issues. it's very durable!
  8. I was just looking at photos of my Saleya from when I first got her (in Nov.) and I was amazed at how much it has patina'd already! Here is a shot from today:
    Just Louis.JPG
  9. I'm wondering how easy it is to keep the inside lining looking new. I've never had a bag with a light colored lining so I'm afraid of getting it dirty...Good to know that the outside is holding up well on everyone's bag. I was initially scared about it looking dirty, etc with normal use, but it looks so new even though some of you have been using it for a few months already. Thanks so much for the pictures guys!
  10. Here's how my speedy's vachetta looks like now, after I've gotten it last Nov.

    Here's what it looked like before:
  11. Here a pic ref from pfer *patina* with a very nice patina on her bag.
  12. Now that I have figured out how to take pix and post them (yay me!) I'll take pix of the inside for you tomorrow... In fact I haven't inspected lately to see how it's holding up - so I am curious about that too. ;)
  13. i was thinking the same too...would it look good in like 2-3 years after the handles turned honey-tan in contrast to the light canvas? :confused1:
  14. OMG, you read my mind! Has anyone HEAVILY used their Azur to the point that it has patina-ed into that DARK honey color? If so, please post pics! :yes:
  15. Whisterchic: Thank you, will be looking forward to it!!

    Thanks for everyones help!!!

    But, I too would love to see it with a darker patina?? Would love to see how the white looks against a darker patina too?!:smile: