Question about the Mahala and pricing....

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  1. Hi guys, well, a while ago I had a mahala and let her go and now I want one badly because I miss her; however, what are my chances of scoring one on sale? Do they ever go on sale or do you think I will just have to suck up and pay retail?
  2. Mahalas do go on sale so it will depend on what color you're looking for and the demand. I just saw a Mahala in smoke 50% off at JC boutique in San Francisco. Every once in a while I see one on Bluefly. What color are you looking for?
  3. Yesterday I saw a silver mahala on Bluefly.
  4. it depends entirely on the color. for example, you won't find turquoise on sale.
  5. ^^I think turquoise was on sale! They just sold out!I may be wrong!
  6. Yes, the turquoise and poppy did go on sale. I was really surprised they even made it to the sale.
  7. Okay you guys, so I after I posted that, I ended up finding my original mahala (which I let go) and ordered her back. I had major seller's remorse, so yeah, and it was on sale too at 60% off. I tell you, I just LOVE that silver cracked leather so much!:tup:
  8. You're as nutty as the rest of us! With the money you saved ,you've paid for the Maddy :yahoo: Go for the gusto girl, help me help the economy!!:tup:
  9. Jenchi, shockey, someone else (I think it was dee), and I purchased the turquoise Mahala on sale this summer. :tup: :wlae: :yahoo: :woohoo:

    I've got a cracked silver Maddy ~ my little disco ball!!! She's sweet and I totally dig her!!! :girlsigh: :love:
  10. Duh!! Now why didn't I think of that? Someone smack me :noggin:
  11. I know, it's totally like a disco ball, I adore that leather I am telling you!
  12. Congrats on getting one back!
  13. I got my turquoise on sale thanks to dsrk, and it wasnt that long ago. I think there are still some out there on sale but not sure what colors.
  14. Hey shockey, this was a team effort!!! :tup: We worked together to make it work, and it did!!! :yahoo:

  15. What does the smoke look like in the mahala? I'm only familiar with the colour smoke on the eel ramona? Is it the same colour i.e. a whitish/grey? Also was it calf leather and suede?