Question about the Magnolia

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  1. The 2 handles, how long is the drop? Would it be snug over the shoulder?
    I have seen that it comes with a long strap, but since I am not a crossbody girl I would like to know if I could wear it over my shoulder with help of the 2 handles?

    However, I looked at pics and it looks like they are shorter than the straps on the Asher..

    Could anyone measure for me? :P

  2. I have a black magnolia and the handles are exactly the same length as Asher, I believe it's 9". They both fit very comfortably over the shoulder, a lot more comfortable than the RM MAM/MAB. I almost never use the detachable strap, and by the way, it is not long enough for crossbody either.
  3. The drop of the two braided handles on mine is 7 3/4 inches. It's pretty snug on the shoulder, and because the bag is so wide it doesn't really fit comfortably on the shoulder unless you wear it with the longer strap. That long strap isn't a cross-body strap though. It's only about 23 inches long from end to end and designed to be a long shoulder strap. I find that it's a very comfortable bag to wear on the shoulder with that longer strap.
  4. Tejava, how old is your magnolia? Mine is one of the cream ones that was special ordered this spring. From the pictures the cream magnolias look like they have smaller, shorter braided handles than the older "original" magnolias or the Ashers.
  5. Oh yeah, the handles on your bag are definitely longer than mine. I can barely get my Magnolia over my shoulder with the braided handles and I'm a tiny lady.

    When I placed my order last spring I compared pictures of the original Magnolias and Ashers with those on some of the newer bags and it seemed like the handles on the newer bags were smaller but I couldn't be sure.

    Checking my bag with a ruler I got 14" total length for the braided handles from brass ring to brass ring. With a 7 3/4" drop. I think 9" is the minimum handle drop for a bag to wear over the shoulder.
  6. I think the situation with the Magnolia's handles is the same as with the Asher's handles. There are actually two styles of handles for the Asher: the older, thicker braided handles with a shorter drop (around 7"), and the newer, thinner braided handles with a longer drop (around 8-9").

    The Ashers with different handles are still easily differentiated by the zippers on the front and back of the bag, as bags with the older handles have zipper tracks that end in the middle, whilst bags with the newer handles have continuous zipper tracks. I'm not sure if the Magnolia is the same, though.

    I actually recently emailed Treesje about this, and Nataly told me that the change was gradually made during the Holiday '08/Spring '09 seasons, with all Fall '09 Ashers reflecting the design change. I'm guessing the Magnolia's handles should be the same way? (I.e. New Magnolias from this fall onwards should all have the thinner, longer braided handles.)

    HTH! The Asher that I have (EB from Spring 2009) has the shorter, thicker handles, and I agree that they're a little difficult to wear comfortably on the shoulder (unless you use the shoulder strap instead). I'm definitely on the market for an Asher or Magnolia from the Fall 2009 season, though! ;)
  7. Ugh lol I guess I have to know what season it's from first..but good to know that they actually make the Magnolia with longer handles!
  8. Just FYI, judging by the seasons isn't foolproof! The change was made gradually, as mentioned, so there's a mix of older-style and newer-style Ashers from the seasons during which this change was made. Also, even though Nataly mentioned Holiday '08/Spring '09 as the seasons during which the change was made, I've seen Ashers possibly from Fall '08 that are made in the newer style (tejava's Plum Asher, for starters, looks like a newer-style Asher, but I think that was from at least Fall '08). I suspect Fall '08 was the first season during which this change was partially implemented, but I'm not certain on this.

    If you're not looking at a Fall '09 Magnolia, your best bet might be to ask the seller/store to measure the drop themselves, or to ask for pics so that you can try to judge it for yourself. HTH!