Question about the LV scarves...

  1. Are they supposed to be very wrinkled when purchased from online and shipped to your house from an LV store? Could that be the reason it is wrinkled? And what would you recommend to get them out? Steaming it maybe? Any help would be appreciated!

    P.S. I just received the monogram groom bandeau in red! I luv it but it is very wrinkled!
  2. hmmm..iono, I buy all my scarves at the boutique.... I can't say that it's wrinkle-less, cuz it has about 3-4 lines/creases and that's it, but this is only due to the folding.... I don't think it should be wrinkled in "random" order..... Is it like some the Hermes small scrunched up scarves? lol....
  3. There are wrinkles in the creases that I expected but there are little wrinkles that seem to be through out the bandeau. Maybe I'm making too much of it, I was just surprised because it was ordered from an LV boutique. I still luv it though and I want to keep it!!!
  4. I use downey wrinkle release, very great. If your gun shy with that, you can take to the drycleaner.
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