Question about the LV at Saks 5th Ave

  1. I just called to see if I could place an order over the phone and then pick it up and they said no. Has anyone ever ordered over the phone before?
  2. Yes, I have. I called the LV boutique and asked if I could pay for the Amarante Reade PM over the phone and pick it up the next day. They said yes, no problem.
  3. yeah just the other day, my faxed pre-sale form didn't go through for my amarante sunset and my SA took my CC info and everything down and is holding it for me until i can get there, which is like 3 weeks.
  4. Yes, they absolutely do. I have ordered by phone from them a bunch. Call back again and try to speak with someone else :yes:
  5. I also have ordered over the phone from them. Perhaps try going through 866 first and ask them to connect you to the Saks store you want, specify that you want to do a phone order, etc. That should do the trick, good luck and keep us posted.
  6. There are a couple of SAs over there who are just not the brightest bulbs in the fixture. Ask for the store manager. He's terrific.
  7. Can you pay it with Saks gift card?
  8. call back and hope you get someone else. or ask to speak with a manager.
  9. call back, for sure.