Question about the lining...

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  1. I had 3 birkins. 2 of them are having the cherve lining.. while my other birkin the lining.. it is very soft leather without grain.. i am not sure what leather it is.. it has a smooth finish like swift leather..

    and it belongs to I year.. has anyone come across this lining or has any info regards to the lining? cos i heard hermes change their lining sometimes
  2. You bought it at H ?
  3. It depends on the leather of the birkin actually. I think most leathers are lined in chevre, except for swift. The front panel is lined in chevre, but the rest of the lining is in swift.
  4. i bought it from a reseller... i knew i am silly... i bought it 3 yrs ago..

    this is a clemence leather bag.
  5. Is this the same bag with the hardware problems ?
    I say take it in to see if they can fix it, What reseller was it purchased through do you remember ?
  6. My understanding is that ALL bags are lined with chevre, with the only exceptions being Swift bags or travel bags lined in cotton chevron, as stated by TammyD. I would definitely bring it in to H immediately to ask about it.
  7. That's what I thought too :confused1:
  8. I hope everything is kosher with your bag.
  9. Clemence birkins should be lined in chevre.
  10. Actually, I have a bolide that is lined in a very very smooth almost pigskin leather. Older bags may have non chevre lining. Note that my birkins do all have chevre linings. A much better lining than what is in my bolide. Keys and hairbrushes leave scratch marks on the bolide interior. It really needs to be babied.
  11. is it looks like cherve lining? actually i am not 100% sure but compare to the lining of my togo , i think this is much softer

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  12. also i bought it from Milan station, famous reseller at HK.

    I took a closer look at the lining it is not as smooth as how i feel, actually it has some tidy grain there ( refer to pic) is that cherve??
  13. your bag is white so it is lined in lambskin something about that chvre marocain does not take the white dye (actually no chevre does hence never a chevre white bag )
  14. Sighs of relief!! Ahh good news I'd been hoping you didn't buy a fake from someone, but thankfully you didn't --from a reputable reseller, and with this news from Lilach, sounds like its just a faulty Hermes problem that they should be able to fix for you.
  15. thanks so much for you all. this is a relief.. thanks for reminding me there is no white cherve birkin or togo birkin.. ( i think only clemence and epsom?)

    so it means my bag is normal and authentic without cherve lining??

    i wonder how come someone also told me that their new clemence birkin comes with cherve lining..anyway confuse.