Question about the lining of luggages!

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  1. Dear Celine experts!:smile:

    All this time I thought the smooth nano luggage only comes with leather lining and drummed nano luggage only comes with micro-suede lining.

    I've seen some pictures online of some nano luggages with suede lining (instead of MICRO-suede)! Is this something new? Did Celine change their lining or are these replicas?

    Thank you!
  2. My Luggage bags are all lined in Lambskin
  3. My mini is lined in micro suede
  4. Mine is drummed leather with suede lining
  5. Mine is drummed leather with micro suede lining
  6. On the tag, it says lined with suede.
  7. my nano luggage in drummed leather is lined with faux suede