question about the LEIGH in ROSE

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  1. I know before there was talk abut it not being the 06 rose, but the picture on is of the rose from 06. IF its that color that bag is sooooo mine. Has anyone actually seen it in person yet?? :s
  2. Not yet, but I plan on looking at that bag today. Yesterday I called the store after seeing how pink it was online. The SA told me it is more coral than pink.:confused1:
  3. Someone said that the 2008 rose is more a coral color...shoot, I forget who it was that bought a bag and returned it because they didn't like the color.
  4. ok, I will hold off getting it then until someone sees it in person lol. I usually have to buy sight unseen the store is to far from me. I want this bag if its a pink and not like a coral orangy color. thats just not for me!

    thanks girls!
  5. Patches, I can let you know later tonight, if you'd like my opinion. I am looking for a true pink also but I'm not counting on it !:confused1:
  6. yes, please please let me know! hubby said I can get it but I dont want to waste money on shipping if its not what I want:p

    I am holding out hopes its the pretty pink on the website. I LOVE that color:tup:
  7. Yesterday when I was at the store I saw the new rose color. It is NOT like the website is's more of a strawberry/coral color...
  8. I also saw this yesterday and it IS DEFINITELY CORAL. Nothing like the website color...:nogood::confused1:. In fact, the SA and I were talking about it and she agreed, they will probably have lots of returns from people ordering this pink color off the website expecting a pretty pink and then receiving a coral bag.
  9. it is definately a bright corally color...i personally did not like is nothing like the 06 rose...this one is more on the orangy side
  10. Way too much coral for me. I wish it was the true rose that Coach does so well.
  11. It's upsetting that the picture on the website isn't accurate...when I saw it yesterday I GASPED and then realized it was probably that coral color in real life. :cursing:
  12. YES, I saw it today for myself and it's DEFINITELY NOT PINK AT ALL!!!
    It is a coral/salmon color for sure!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: