question about the legacy wristlets?

  1. will they find their way through the outlets? especially the leather ones? also the flap (embossed or the fold over) already in the outlets? thanks guys!
  2. I don't know about going to outlets, but if you can get one Angel - you should!;)
  3. yeah princess di, (bags4bubbles) i'm dying to get one!!
  4. I got my black legacy wristlet at an outlet last month, but that was because someone had returned it to the store and I was still working there at the time, and I snapped it up.
  5. nope.

    not the leather or signature will go. maybe the resort version but i heard that sold out first so...that's effy.

    but they've been condensed to the legacy stores. the legacy line that is. is just like hampton's or soho as mentioned before so they will take longer to delete, just like the rest of the lines versus special edition unless coporate decides and sometimes they can be mean or nice (depending on how you look at it) and never place those items in outlet.

    IMO legacys shouldn't be placed there so soon, esp. the price point and the heart coach has put into it. even the classics don't have the strip lining of bonnie cashin.
  6. I have a feeling that legacy items, especially accessories, at this point are pretty hit and miss at the outlets right now. I called the outlet near me last Friday and they basically said they couldn't say if/when they'd get any legacy stuff in. The SA told me to call back in a couple of weeks since they get transfers every couple of weeks. I would just call the outlet nearest you now and then to see if they get anything.

    I did see at a couple pieces at the Lancaster, PA outlet a couple weeks ago - a the mahagony flap and the tobacco wristlet. I didn't price them though.