Question about the legacy natural leather color....

  1. Does it have an orange-y tinge to it IRL??

  2. Actually to me it does a little. But I would not call it an orange bag. I asked my son if he thought it had an orange tint and he thought a little bit too. It is a really nice colour though and people here have said it scratches much less than the whiskey.
  3. The "Natural" has a slight yellowish-orange tint to it. But it is much less orange than the "Whiskey" color. It is a gorgeous shade, especially in the Slim Tote style.

  4. i was wondering about the orangey thing too, but saw a satchel IRL and it was tdf!
  5. I looked over at it while driving in my car and said "hey, you like kind of orange!" It's a light yellowy/orange natural leather. Yes, definately does not scratch like whiskey or brown!

    It seems that natural, brown and whiskey have differing tones, hues etc., that vary from piece to piece. No two are alike!