Question about the large duffle?

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  1. There's no tassel on the large duffle originally? If I want it, I have to buy it separately?

  2. Are you talking about the Legacy Large Duffle? It does come with a tassle.

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  3. I just bought a duffle, but there's no tassel on it.

  4. Were did you purchase your bag?
  5. In the store, not ordered online. I guess I have to call. I hate having to go back to the store again.
  6. If the store is far tell them that you want it shipped to you, or are you shy like me.:smile:
  7. I would definitely call or go back, you can't get replacements for them from JAX AFAIK. :sad:
  8. Wow, they should have checked that before they sent you home with it, Yes I would call the store, and tell them to send the tassels to you. What color did you get?
  9. Thank you all for your replies. :smile:
    I called and asked if they could just mail me the tassel. The guy on the phone told me I have to go back to get an exchange. So I went back and got the tassel. I hope that's it. I am not shy but it's still a trouble having to go back again and again. Maybe it's just me, I found every time I bought something from the coach store near me, there's always some issue. So this time, I went to another store to try my luck. But still there was something. :biggrin:
    BTW, I bought the large black duffel. I am hesitate to buy the color ones because of the scuffing issue.
  10. Black Nice choice. Congrats on finally getting one with the tassel, just too bad you had to go thru all the trouble, they should have given you a discount or something for your trouble. At least paid for your Gas...