Question about the Lady Braid!

  1. AHH! Is the Lady Braid available again? I had gotten it in cream last year but returned it since I didn't like the color - I totally wished I kept it!

    So ladies - is it in the stores again!! :yahoo:
  2. yes, there's a black one (the bowler) available at chanel tysons corner. ask for Indra if you call the boutique!!
  3. and there's a black- greyish color one at Chanel/SCP
  4. yup, it's back! in black, grey, and blue.
  5. Also in red. :smile:
  6. yeaaa and i asked my friend to get me one in blue..will probably arrive Manila next week..will share pics by then
  7. Also green (Madison, NYC).:smile: I just picked up my black LB on Saturday and will post when I'm back home. :yahoo:
  8. My closest friend just bought a grey one at NM SF. Gorgeous color!
  9. Wow! cant wait to see the green :graucho: