question about the keepall

  1. I'm looking on eLuxury and they only have the keepall with the shoulder strap available, but on the official website, it looks like as if they are also sold without the shoulder strap.

    Are they sold both ways, or only with the strap? :confused1:
  2. Both :yes: All monogram keepalls are available with or without shoulder strap, lol
  3. Keepall is sold with and without the shoulder strap. Each model had 2 styles, for instance, you can buy a Keepall 45 with no shoulder strap there is a Keepall 45 with shoulder strap. But once you choose no strap, you can't add it on later since the gold hooks (on the sides) are not on the bag.

    Go for the keepall with the strap!
  4. You can always attach the strap to the handle rings, that's what I do.

  5. good to know, i thought strap was always sold seperately with Lv items.
  6. The keepall with the shoulder strap is also $230 more :yes:
  7. I have the 50 with the shoulder strap and it's the best IMO.
  8. vuittonamour - eLuxury have the keepall w/o the shoulder strap in the men's section. but looks like only keepall 55 is available from them.
  9. I had a black mc keepall a long time ago but I sold it because I couldn't handle it without a shoulder strap. I did not know you could purchase and add your own, like twinke.tink did. That is such a good idea! Anyway, I think paying a little extra for a mono keepall WITH a strap is a good idea. It would be much easier to travel that way.

    Twinkle.tink, does the keepall sag in any one place more than another with the strap positioned like that? Does it put a lot of stress on the area you attached it?
  10. No stress, and I stuff it...I figure it's still carring from the same points. The cerise sags, but the MC is structured it doesn't. The strap wasn't cheap, but I use it for these two, even my manhattan GM sometimes I get my money's worth from it.
  11. thing is, i actually want one of the smaller ones, either a 50 or a 45, and i want to be able to take it with me on my trip in march...but, if i opt to get the one with the shoulder strap then i won't be able to because i won't have enough saved up by then to buy it! plus i really kinda want it as just an overnight bag as i don't really have a good bag like that. don't need one that's going to carry a ton.
  12. ^^^then get the regular one for now....and get the strap later, no?
  13. think so. thanks ;)