Question about the Keepall 55 and the strap

  1. If I bought a Keepall 55 without the strap could I get the strap by itself later and attach it? OR do you have to buy the 55 WITH the strap in order to get the strap?

    Hope that makes sense!!
  2. Well, you can probably buy a separate strap, but the keepalls that come without the strap comes without any place to attatch the strap.. but I have a 55 w/strap, and I will highly recommend that you get it with the strap, because it's really stressfull to carry it around in your hands all day.
  3. My 55 came with the strap (it was inside the bag when it came). I didn't think it was an option to ask for a 55 without the strap. I use it with the strap always when travelling. I need my hands free for everthing else.
  4. We asked the SA when we bought ours can we come back and get a strap later and he said no because there is no place for it to be attached to. We actually have a 50 and dont use it often enough to justify the extra for a strap so left it.
  5. Thanks - yeah this is what I was wondering. So based on your guys' responses I need to just buy the one with the strap! Thx!
  6. You could attach the strap near the handle. it does work on the smaller Keepalls, because it doesn't place as much stress on a smaller bag; the longer the bag, the greater need to have the straps with rings on the end as on a bandouliere. I do it with a 45; I don't know if I would do it with a large, overloaded one. You know, LV will convert plain ones to a bandouliere. I think 200 dollars was the price quoted to me. This was last month.:yes: I didn't do it because I was traveling a lot this summer. You could do that later on. I could not wait, so I purchased a strap and attached it. It was fine. You know, of course, officially that you should not do it, but people do it anyway.