Question about the JOY Boston Bag....

  1. Tried to do a search on the forum but didn't find much useful info... i have bought the joy range boston bag about 4 weeks ago... and just realise on the back end tab it does not have the made in italy print... is it normal??? i saw it in the gucci website's picture... i bought it in melbourne... my friend got the white one in hk and she told me her one does not have the made in italy print as well???? is it a fault? :confused1:

    For those who have bought this bag.. is it the same as yours?? appreicate anyone who can let me know...
  2. I posted a thread on this last week. Seems like the Joy boston is missing the Gucci logo mark, so as the wallet. My zipper pull even fell off! They're back to Gucci now and I will see what they say after the inspection.
  3. excellent question!!! I'm not sure what it is but the back end tab on mine doesn't have the "made in italy" imprint on it either. I was at the Gucci store in Union Square SF last Saturday and i looked at the Joy Boston they had on display and that one didn't have anything imprinted on it's back end tab either. I didn't get a chance to ask the SAs about it cause they were so busy and I was in a hurry. I hope we'll get an answer on this soon.
  4. oh btw...what color is that? how come we don't have that color on the US site?!? hmmmm i kinda like that one too...;)

  5. thanks beejerry.. please keep us posted :yes:

  6. yeahhhh i cannot find this colour in US site either.. i copy this picture from the japanese site.... it is nice isnt it :yahoo:
  7. They issued me a refund on them. Guess I've to wait for their next sales?
  8. I bought 3 of them and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Them!
  9. The funny thing is, when I first saw them at the boutique, the Gucci logo mark was there!!!
  10. sunshine.. do your ones have the made in italy imprinted on the back end tabs?
  11. is nice!!! the japanese site always get nice stuff! :yes: your bags have the "made in italy" imprint on the side tag? just curious....coz none of ours do and the pic on the website does.
  12. Really bee? hmmm that is weird huh?! the one i saw last Saturday at the SF store didn't have it either. What's up with that?!?! :shrugs:
  13. Seriously, I was holding it! I wonder if that's a defect they just ignore... Even the wallet does not have the mark, which never happens to any of my Gucci wallets. :s
  14. i emailed gucci online last friday about this and went to the sf gucci store over the weekend to see if the display had the logo, and like mzleah said, it didn't. so i was gonna let it go. but on monday i get an email and call from gucci online apologizing and asking me to send it back for inspection. she said it could either be an unfinished product or a defect but would need to see it to let me know. she even sent me a guccisima candle for my inconvenience. the ups guy just picked it up today so hopefully i find out soon.
  15. No one send me any candle, darn! Not fair!

    I guess when more ppl aware them, they would reinspect the stock carefully.

    Let me email them and follow up on what's up w/ my returns... why did they issue me a refund without an explanation.