Question about the Josephine??

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  1. Ok so I purchased a Green Josephine GM about 2 weeks ago and I havent been able to find the date code on it anywhere. Can anyone help me out with finding where it should be located?? :weird:
  2. it's not mine but...
  3. See thats where i thought it would be, but theres no number there... so im confused? I bought it from a recomended seller on eBay, everyone told me she was legit, yet I cant find a serial number/date code to save my life. Yet she had pictures of one in the auction for it???
  4. still get a D-ring?
  5. Ya on the inside, and I flipped it up thinking it would be there, but nothing... Now im getting worried :sad:
  6. I thought the date code located at GM and PM is different place.
    Mine is PM so it's not at the D ring.
  7. is there any other differences between the GM and PM that are different? mine has a pocket and a cell phone pocket on one side and then a zipper pocket on the other side (on the inside)
  8. GM
    0922jose1.JPG 0922jose2.JPG 0922joseGM.JPG
  9. PM
    0922josePM.JPG 0922josePM2.JPG
  10. I have a PM but I love GM style:heart:
    0710mono3.jpg 0710mono2.jpg 0710mono4.jpg 0710mono6.jpg 0710mono8.jpg
  11. i think the older ones had the date code under the D ring while the newer ones had them stamped on the inside edge

    (My PM is from 2005 and it's on the inside edge)
  12. ok so from what i see in the pictures mine is the gm, it has the 2 pockets on the cell phone pocket side. Well I'm hoping that it doesnt matter that its on the top inside edge and not under the D ring. Hopefully it is just a newer verses older purse.

    noe: Love the seatbelted shot ;) too funny
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.