Question about the inside of the DAY

  1. Is there a zippered compartment inside or is it just one huge section. Also, do you have to dig alot in to find your things?
  2. quite large zipper compartiment inside that I use to keep my keys, ipod, cell phone... really handy
  3. If you carry a lot of small nick nacks, it could possibly get lost & you may have to shuffle around for a few seconds to get it. But, its a very comfy, easy bag.. one of my favs.. :tender:
  4. thanks, I'm really longing for one.
  5. I love my day! I never had considered buying one, but took the leap and voila! - now I have a mastic coming!!! It's soooo comfortable on the shoulder! I organize all my things into little pouches so I can find everything better, and the inside pocket is HUGE compared to the city!
  6. The zipper pocket is big enough for my phone, lip balm, pen, comb and keys.

    I keep everything else in pouches, otherwise it is really a pain to dig around for stuff.
  7. the zipper pocket can fit a lot in there. i usually put my keys, pens, lip gloss and sometime my coin purse in there. there's is def room to fit the bare necessities!!
  8. Great sized zipper pocket! I also use coin purses/toilet case to hold my things b/c they will get lost in there and when I have to fish, I get annoyed! Otherwise, it is a great super-casual bag!
  9. The zippered pocket is a good size and can fit my keys, wallet and other misc items. The main compartment is huge and I must admit, I do struggle trying to find things in there. Having said that, however, I :heart: my Ocean GSH. I love the way the bag carries (slouchy) and molds to by body (very comfortable to carry).
  10. I think the day is one of the more functional b-bags I've owned. I put so much stuff in it sometimes and it still looks great. The inside pocket and the front pocket are roomy enough to store all of my essentials!
  11. I keep my little things in small bags... like all my makeup and small agenda go into a Damier trousse. I carry a little compact diaper pack with wipes and a few diapers. There's my wallet, that contains my checkbook too. Lastly my key fob...LV with the little coin pouch, it carries all my loose change and small bills. So, it all transfers nicely from bag to bag and everything stays organized. The day bag is easy...great inside pocket.... roomy and user friendly.
  12. I completely agree. In the pics I posted on the July/august thread, my day's actually got 2 A4 notepads, an umbrella and a hairbrush still in it!