Question about the initial charms?

  1. I went to three outlets in Florida and they all had the initial charms on sale. Could I find a "K"? Heck no. So, I'm just going to order on line because I really want one. My question is this: Is the color on the website the color of the charm for my letter? Will my "K" look just like this or will I be surprised with an assorted color? It just says "Silver/Multicolor2" where I could pick a color.

  2. I think what you see is what you get. However, I was at the outlet one day and there were NO "A"s, but I went back a week later and they had LOTS! So....keep checking, if it's convenient for you - especially if you are not happy with the color on the website.
  3. That "K" charm in the outlets seems to be the hardest thing in the world to find! I've been trying to get ahold of one for my daughter for weeks and no luck at all... my mom stops into the San Marcos outlet at least once a week and never sees it.

    The one online is the one you receive (colors) but my daughter wants the green one that is in the outlets.

    Good luck! I hope you find it easier than I am! :yes:
  4. The one online is the one you receive. When it says multicolor it is referring to the fact that the two sides are different colours. :yes:
  5. Ahhhh, that makes sense! I could have SWORN I saw a green "K"!

    I can't check outlets because I live in Montana. Heck, even our Macys doesn't carry Coach. I'm SO deprived! I sure had fun at the three different outlet stores in Florida tho when I was there last month. I was kind of a bad girl. LOL!!
  6. Hey, the green "K" is on eBay. Not an outlet price, but still not bad. The auction number is 320093210448. Buy it now for $26.99 + $6.65 shipping.
  7. I can't find a "K" either! I've been looking for quite awhile at the outlet in Leesburg. :sad:
  8. Here's something really sad. I'm a "K" (Karen) and have three teen daughters: Kaleen, Kelsey & Karissa.

    I'm screwed in finding that many at an outlet. I guess I'll just settle for me (it's all about me, right?) and order off before they are gone. I REALLY want one.
  9. I looked for "K" at the outlet last week and this week )for a friend's daughter) and no luck - must be a popular initial!!
  10. There have been two alphabet "sets" . Each letter comes in one color combination.
    Last year's set is available at the outlets ($13 each!). I stopped a few times over a month to get my family's initials. Finally, I was chatting with a nice SA about never finding an "M", and she went to the back and found a huge unopened bag of "M"s. Moral of the story, if you don't find it - ask the SA to check out some other places ...........!

    Anyway - this year's alphabet is shown on the site exactly in the leather colors that you'll get.
  11. hurray for K! I saw it in my store.. so cute but ended up getting the smiley face instead
  12. this is exactly correct. Although both sets have a metalic side, the one that is in boutiques and online has a patent leater side wheread the one in the outlets have a suede side. Only difference. Plus the outlet will have a target imprint on the metalic side.
  13. Ok, now I'm really confused. I thought the green "K" listed in the post right above yours on the eBay link was last year's "K" but it has the patent leather side. So, are they making a different version for the outlets with suede??
  14. Mine came from an outlet and it has one leather side and a suede side. No metallic - no target imprint.