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  1. Recently, a thread was started discussing the new FDA approved weight loss aid called alli. It was quickly closed by a mod, with the explanation that diet pill discussions are not allowed.

    I fail to see how discussing an FDA approved pill (and the recommended program of sensible low-fat diet and exercise that goes along with this pill) is any different than discussing weight loss surgery or any other legit medication.

    I understand not allowing discussions about fad diets and crazy, unsafe, unproven pills, but if the FDA deems it safe, why can't it be discussed?
  2. Megs and Vlad don't want any threads promoting unsafe weight loss methods. That includes diet pills, regardless of whether or not they're FDA approved.

    (And that particular one has many unpleasant side effects. They actually suggest to pack an extra pair of pants, just in case of any 'accidents.')
  3. Well, I guess here's where it's obvious that "safe" is somewhat subjective.
  4. ^^ Diet pills have the potential for being unsafe. Especially the ones not approved by the FDA.

    Safety factors aside, Diet Pills are not the end all and be all of quick fixes, as they advertise. Nothing beats good old fashioned diet and exercise.
  5. I understand and agree that unsafe weight loss methods shouldn't be promoted here... but can't help but add that there are quite a few plastic surgery and weight loss surgery threads being super promoted here. So this is highly subjective of tpf to pick and choose...
  6. I think the weight loss surgery threads are allowed because every time they've been mentioned, we have always made it clear that we think surgery should be an option only as a last resort.

  7. Are you serious? That eases my decision, lol. Back to the track for me!
  8. The FDA is a consumer protection if they approve something, then sufficient scientific evidence has been provided that the benefits of the drug outweight the risks for certain people. And the fact that it was approved for OTC use means that the risks are so minor, that a doctor's perscription/ discretion is not necessary. There is a huge difference between unpleasant side effects and safety. The potential side effects are just the kind of thing I would think it would be useful to discuss in an honest open forum such as this.

    I think it is kind of hypocritcal to allow discussions about our experiences with say cold medications, but not a legitimate weight loss pill. Both have potential side effects, and both carry some risks, but they both have potential benefits as well.
  9. The product that is the subject of this discussion doesn't purport to be the "end all be all of quick fixes" and makes it very clear that it is an aid to be used in conjunction with a low fat diet (which minimizes those side effects you mentioned) and an exercise program. If you can lose 10 pounds with diet and exercise, you can lose 15 pounds by incorporating this product. Hardly sounds like a "quick fix" to me.:confused1:
  10. This was exactly my point :yes:

    Why are there so many threads about nose jobs, breast augmentation, weight loss surgery, etc., etc. if the concern is about health and safety?
  11. To give an answer that some will totally not agree with, I closed the thread because for the Health and Fitness section I am not keen on any diet pill being discussed- no matter who has approved it or not. That was me that closed it.

    I have a different background in health and lifestyle, and that is what I would like to see promoted. So it is really subjective.. I just am not looking for that section to have info on diet pills and some other methods because I personally find that they are unsafe and I do not want that promoted here, and many medical Dr's also agree.

    If you find that I or anyone else closes a thread or leaves one open that you are not sure of or need a reason why, please do contact me. I am not perfect by any means and it is hard to run that section the way I would like to see it :yes:
  12. I'm going to just add my (probably unwanted) two cents and say that I pretty much agree about there being an inconsistency in saying that we can't discuss a diet pill that may give you greasy farts, but weight loss surgery requiring general anesthesia and historically having resulted in many deaths and complications is OK. Stomach stapling is far from what I would label as a generally accepted as safe procedure.

    But it's Megs' board, so obviously it's up to her.
  13. ^^

    With all due respect Megs, I agree with Litigatrix. It seems contradictory. The Alii weight loss pill was approved by the FDA for over the counter use because obesity is getting out of control. Weight loss surgery is extremely dangerous and although I admire people who do this in order to save their lives, no one can reasonably argue that discussing that is less "dangerous" than discussing an FDA approved medication is. We also discuss plastic surgery AT LENGTH here and that can be extremely dangerous and can also be debatable in terms of the self image issues it may create in others.
  14. I am aware that diet pills are hardly a quick fix, and I was incorrect to make a sweeping generalization about all the pills on the market being advertised as a quick fix. Alli certainly doesn't. But there are a lot of them out there that do. And too many buy into it.

    Not all diet pills are the same, not all are safe.
  15. Certain pills may be FDA approved, but that doesn't mean my general practitioner is going to recommend it or prescribe it to me as a means of weight loss.

    Yes, those procedures you mentioned are all cosmetic, but sometimes certain procedures are necessary. A patient could have a breast reduction if the size of her breasts was affecting her posture and giving her chronic backaches.

    For the most part, doctors would not recommend those cosmetic procedures either but if the cosmetic problem is related to a medical problem they can refer patients to board certified plastic surgeons.

    As for the other surgeries, they are risky procedures with potential complications but if done by a highly qualified plastic surgeon the only thing you would have to worry about is the patient's reaction to the anesthesia.
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