question about the hayden harnett leathers

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  1. I noticed that the bags are divided into collections. Is that according to the type of leather it is? I was wondering because my favorite type of leather is like Not Rational's naked leather...buttery soft, kinda thicker, and pebbled. I love buttery pebbled leather. :yes: If I can figure out the leathers, then I can just look at the styles in the leather that I like.
    Thanks in advance for helping! :yes: I'm so curious to try this line!
  2. I don't know how you would be able to tell online, but I can tell you what I know from real-life experience. I have the Suki and the Mercer clutch, which are smooth leathers. I'm going to guess that the whole Mercer line is smooth. The Lorca Demi Flap I have is pebbled leather.
  3. Thank you! Is the Suki a thicker but still buttery soft leather? I'm thinking about getting that one. :smile:
  4. Hi there!

    For what it's worth, the MOSA hobo and the Nomade ruffled leather hobo are softish but textured (almost like rumpled cloth) leather.

    The hobos, such as the Nico and Havana's are TDF smooshy, soft-as-a-baby's-butt SOFT and buttery.

    The mercer garment-washed Nico hobo is almost as soft as the regular nico and Havana.

    All tassles are of the same leathers as the Havanas.

    The Thalia drawstring hobo is TDF thick, thick smooshy pebbled leather.

    Hope this helps!

    Enjoy! THey're a great company, and cs is TDF.
  5. Yes, the Suki is super soft, but still pretty thick. It's one of those bags that you want to just pet. I love it so much I have it in both colors! If they offer that bag in new colors for the fall I'm in trouble.
  6. That was such a huge help! Okay, one more question...I need a tan that is a slightly more buttery yellow tan as opposed to an orangey or reddish tan if that makes sense. What is the saddle like in your opinion?
    I think I'm going with the Suki Ladybag in saddle...well after I read your reply that is! :yes:
  7. IMO, the saddle is not orangey or reddish at all. I have the Inka in saddle, and that too is TDF.
  8. I have the Suki in Saddle and it's definitely not orange or red in tone. it is AWESOME. i hope you'll love it too!
  9. I would certainly say it's a more yellow tan. I think you'll love it!