Question about the hardware!

  1. hello.i dont have a birkin thats why i wantto ask something is the hardware which you call gold hardware real gold???(maybe thats why the Hermes birkin bags price is so high?:confused1:) and i just cant understand why is the price so high?there are also a lot of premier brands but the maximum price for the bag is 3000-5000 usd.please explain to me what is the difference between Hermes bags and other premier designer bags...
  2. Hi,

    The hardware is not real gold or silver, but gold/silver plated.

    These bags are not mass-produced like many other designer bags such as LV or Gucci. The production of Hermes bags is limited. They are hand-stitched from start to finish by Hermes craftsmen, and only the finest skins are used. It is a laborious process. Each bag takes about 36 hours to produce, so, of course, there are only so many bags any craftsman can make in a given amount of time.

    Here is an article that talks about the Hermes philosophy and business approach:

  3. For further reading try "Deluxe: How Luxury Lost It's Luster" (sorry I'll need another cup of coffee to remember the author's name) which explains in detail how Hermes is vastly different from other luxury brands these days.
  4. The author is Dana Thomas and the book is fabulous.