Question about the Gucci Duchessa Hobo

  1. Does it really stand up like this?:

    I'm so curious!
  2. i dont remember, but i dont think so.....why, may i ask?
  3. I have a Duchessa (boston bag) its collapses...not a stiff bag at all. I would imagine the hobo is just stuffed in this pic. Its a pliable bag for sure. LOVES IT!
  4. No it doesn't stand up.

  5. Oh I was just wondering if it did, how do you get it to do that :sweatdrop:. It seems to defy the laws of physics!

    Turns out it doesn't, but thanks everyone!
  6. hehe just wondering :smile: buttttttt i guess if u stuff it with paper itll do it...because the widith is big enough to let it stand if it is stuffed with paper heavily on the bottom and lightly to none at the top :smile:
  7. Hehe nah not worth the effort... see if it did just stand up, I would've considered buying one just to confuse people.
  8. lol I would have just assumed its a photo trick since everythings photoshoped.