Question about the GST - strap preferences

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  1. I noticed that there are many variations of the GST. Some of them are not fully chain strap, i.e. they have a piece of leather at the part where the strap sits on your shoulder (attached photos). My question is, is there a difference in price between them? Which do you prefer? Also, I recently saw a cream patent Chanel tote on Yahoo Japan that I'm wondering whether is the GST at all or not because it looks bigger.

    Any help is appreciated. TIA!
    nicchanel2.jpg braba_2-img500x365-1176113045abk682-1.jpg 39fascd.jpg
  2. i lovelovelove nicole ritchie's but I don't think they make this bag anymore. Just the zippered pst has the full chain no leather strap.
  3. All the current GST's have the leather shoulder strap. I think it may be for comfort. The ones without the leather strap are vintage chanels. I personally wish that you could adjust the strap so that you could wear it long, or short.
  4. Also, there's the Timeless Classic Tote that looks exactly like the GST in pictures, but w/o the strap.
    The difference is, inaddition to not having that comfy strap, the straps are shorter making it less comfy for some people.