Question about the Griege...

  1. First of all does anyone know if BalNY has the Griege Work available?
    Also is griege a color that will be easy to keep clean? Or does it get dirty easy? Thanks!!
  2. I haven't had any problems keeping it clean, as long as you are careful with where you place her etc....I also have a money wallet and that is handled all the time and still looks great, I have been using her for about 2 months now! I say go for it!
  3. You will :heart: greige. Neutral that goes w/everything. I think NM in San Francisco had a greige work a few weeks ago...
  4. I was there last thursday and they had a greige on display....I want to say a twiggy but for some reason I don't think I am remebering then, they might just have a greige work....and p.s. greige is sooooo pretty!
  5. i saw the greige work there a few weeks ago...a lovely neutral color. :yes:
  6. I have Greige and I have carried it a lot. I think it's great and won't show dirt at much because of the character of the leather. Most that I have seen have sort of a marbled effect. Very gorgeous. If you find one grab it. One of my favorites and it goes with everything.

  7. Hey of the email I received this morning from Terry at Bal NY, here's what they currently have in the work and Giant work (no greige unfort):

    Work: Black, Oxblood, Forest Green, Truffle, Natural, Emerald, White, Olive Brown, Cafe,Marine

    Giant Work:Vermillion, Grass Green, Seagreen, Cafe, Truffle, French Blue, Black, White, Natural, Marine
  8. I love my greige day and right now it's my favorite bag. I am pretty careful but I had the same fears as you but really this color is amazing mine has a bit more grey than beige and does look still fabulous after having carried it on and off for two weeks!
  9. I have a greige too... the leather in sublime....really marbled and's a great color with soft leather
  10. Oo, I love my greige. It's such a versatile colour and I don't worry much about getting it dirty because it isn't a flat colour, and any marks tend to blend in.
  11. Greige is gorgeous! If I didn't have 3 boys, I'd have one. I don't know about a work but a TDF city just went up for auction this a.m. :smile:
  12. Not sure but I love this neutral, as long as it isn't white,I would think it's a a cinch to take care of.
  13. I absolutely :heart: my griege city...It is definitely not hard to clean and it doesn't stain easily. The handles may be prone to a bit of darkening, but purchase the LMB Handles kit and you should be fine!! :yes:
  14. I was SOO close to buying a greige work/weekender!!! Would have gotten it, but 99.9% of my wardrobe is black, and it kinda kills off the gorgeous colour. At least, greige stands more out with all other colours:p
  15. Thank you so much for all of your help girls!!:flowers:
    I think griege would actually look great with a black wardrobe...I have a lot of black in my wardrobe and that's part of the reason I was considering the griege.