Question about the Glazing

  1. So I have a question about the red glazing that Louis Vuitton uses on their vachetta... Are they always the same color? :confused1: 'Cos when I went to the store today I noticed that some of the bags have REDDER (almost shocking red) glazing while others have a more Maroon-ish glazing.

    No particular reason why Im asking, I just wanna educate myself on LV :yes::smile:
  2. i have not really noticed any change
  3. It can vary a tiny bit (i.e. darker orange vs. reddish) but it's generally the same color.
  4. That is what happens when you have natural vanchetta. Just like wood, you can use the same color stain 1000 times, but it will never come out EXACTLY like the one before!
  5. Pure uniqueness of authentic LV I say.
  6. ^^^^^agree. I've bought 8 LV purses since last September. The color of the glazing is similar but not exactly the same.