Question about the Giant City - defect or not ?

  1. I ordered a truffle Giant city from Bluefly - the one I got hang sort of funny when I hold it by the shoulder strap - the whole body of the bag gets twisted, I thought this would be corrected when i put stuff inside the bag but to my dismay the twisting gets more pronounced.:sad: I have tried one before in the store - but of course that was empty - still this looks and feels different from the one I tried before- carried by the shoulder strap. It Just does not wrap around my body as it should. To all Giant City owners - how does your bag hang when using the shoulder strap? Would appreciate your feedback. TIA
  2. My GH city doesn't get all twisted, but it does slouch a bit in the center when carried by the shoulder strap. If you look in the pictures modeling section, there are pictures of people carrying their giant bags by the shoulder strap and the bags are slouching. Check that out and compare to yours.
  3. I have two GH City Bags. They slouch in the middle a little but they do not twist.

    Do you have the strap going the same direction and in the loops the correct way?
  4. Can you post a picture of what your describing?
  5. Failed to mention that I like my bags unzipped - I think that was the problem, when I zipped it up , it looked so much better, still would like to know if yours twist unzipped too. Will post a picture tomorrow. BTW - what do you do with the mirror when you zip the bag? The leather ties can easily get caught in the zipper, I had to move the mirror to the other end of the bag as it was tied near where the zipper starts. :confused1:
  6. I once had a Camel City w/RH though had to return it because it was defective. It hung horribly. There was no getting around it, zipped, unzipped etc, it was bad. I just had to return it. Guess it was just a sewing defect. Although it was nothing prominent to the naked eye, there was definitely a problem with the sewing. So if you have to "mess" with it to make it comfortable or "look" right, it is best to return it because it will never be the way you want it.

    I do have a Truffle Giant City and it hangs great anyway that I carry it. So make sure that you get one that is just perfect because that is what you should have!!!
  7. I put my mirror in the front pocket and attach it to the strap. That way if it's zipped or unzipped it's never in the way and the leather does not get snagged in the zipper.
  8. okay ladies thanks for all ur replies - as promised I am posting some pics. :
    1. Unzipped and empty:wtf: - top view,carried by the shoulder strap.
    2. Zipped and empty side view carried - left shoulder:shrugs: . See how it is not wrapping around my body nicely?
    3.Another angle - right shoulder
    4. side view by the sh. strap.

    There's more....
    giant city 107.jpg giant city 104.jpg giant city 105.jpg giant city 101.jpg
  9. More pics.:

    1. Zipped with stuff inside - notice it is still "S" shaped on top.
    2. Another angle.
    3. Flat on the floor - I see a difference in the length between the right and left side of the bag - right being shorter. Notice also the creases along the middle of the bag .
    4. same observations - this time bag hanging from door handle.
    5. Back view of the bag -uneven sides right?

    So will the leather "settles" nicely with use or I just got a lemon?

    I was thinking I could eBay it , but how could I if it's really defective?:sad:
    giant city 089.jpg giant city 071.jpg giant city 093.jpg giant city 091.jpg giant city 045.jpg

  10. Can you not return it? I definitely see what you are talking about.....My City Truffle GH, although I have never carried it outside of the house (I'm trying to sell it), I have tried it on and modeled around the mirrors in the house and it hangs perfectly. Maybe you can atleast exchange it?? The twisting would drive me nuts plus your bag should be perfect. Definitely try to return or atleast exchange it.
  11. Oh wow. It's like seeing CITY doing yoga!:yes:

    Exchange it or return it otherwise you won't be happy.

    But note (imo), CITY looks best when you wear the handles on the shoulders as opposed to using the straps. It's counter-intuitive, I know. This way there shouldn't be any slouching at all.
  12. Will call Bluefly first thing tomorrow - only thing is they do not currently have any city right now, and to think I got a good deal on this one.:sad:
  13. I don't have a city with GH, but I haven't seen this twisting happen before. I think it would bother me and I would be inclined to return it, regardless of price paid.
  14. I don't think you will be able to get a different one but they have a 90 day return policy so you can return it.
  15. i think it looks fine :smile: bbags are meant to slouch and i don't think it's hedious at all