Question about the gg logos on canvas bags

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  1. I purchased this bag on during their one day sale. It arrived today and when I was looking at it, I discovered that the canvas logos on the bottom of the bag were not lined up. I thought the logos should be asymmetrical. Or maybe the rules changed that I just don't know about. The price of this bag is low compared to all the other ones they have. Could this be why it was so poorly made? or I just got unlucky and got a really bad one? Should I return it or exchange for a new one? Do I have to pay shipping to send it back?

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  2. That does look bad... If you can I would go into Gucci and look at the others. If you can't I would call a Gucci store and ask them.
  3. Oh yeah, I see it too, what a bummer! Definitely try to go into a store and check them out. Keep us posted.
  4. IMO you shouldn't let that bother you. You'll find that a lot of their bags are like that.
  5. I doesnt look poorly made at all! Alot of the gg's on the bags do not line up exactly but this one looks fine- plus its on the bottom of your bag!
  6. is that the web exclusive bag? oh no that's the one i just ordered!
  7. I had the same thing happen to one of mine, too. One of the sides did not line up but it wasn't way out of whack. I called and asked them and the response I got was that it just depends on which part of the canvas they cut and how they put it together. It sounded like it is a normal occurrence but I couldn't help but feel that it lining up is a big part of what I'm paying for.

    At least it's the bottom though where it's not shining out or anything.
  8. I don't think Gucci is particularly picky about alignment, so I wouldn't consider that to be a defect.
  9. I bought the exact same one in black and the alignment is off too, but I don't really mind since its on the bottom of the bag.

    Yes if you do return it, you have to pay shipping back.. which shouldn't be that expensive anyway. When I sent a bag back it was about 7 bucks with delivery confirmation.
  10. Oh Gawd..sorry to be a bummer here but that would **bug** the life out of me....If I saw a bag w/ the canvas misaligned I would assume it's fake..Even though I know that some authentic Gucci are like this..You would think that they would "...cut the canvas" in a way that the fabric is uniform at the seems for a flawless look..You would think..for what we pay for these bags..At least it's on the bottom of the bag..I only have one canvas Gucci..the rest are leather..and all the GG's are aligned...if they weren't I would have sent them back...:shame:
  11. That's why I'm afraid to order online.
  12. ^But the thing is, you shouldn't be afraid of ordering from GUCCI.COM! lol

    Oh mann.. I guess I'll find out when I receive this bag. I'm thinking of returning it and buying the Jocolieur anyway.
  13. I received this bag today.. It took me hours to decide I don't like it :sad: I'm returning it.
  14. I really like the jocolieur. keep us posted.
  15. I returned it and went to Gucci store today and got myself a small abbey tote. It was one of the presale bags. But I can't find the style online or any where.
    It looks exactly like this one but smaller, white leather trim with a zipper pocket in the center. I can't wait to pick it up next Monday.