Question about the Gardenia color?

  1. Exactly what color is it? Online it looks white, but I'm thinking its a light pink? Cant tell.

    What color is it?
  2. I've seen it in person on the Leigh-It's a beautiful off white
  3. ^Then why can't they just call it white or ivory or eggshell? I know that calling something "gardenia" instead of white seems a little more posh, or something, but it just causes confusion. Maybe I am just too simple that way.
  4. ^^ Then I'm simple, too! LOL! I agree with you, Mokoni -- make the names easy to figure out...
  5. hehe... I dunno... I think they got pretty close! Esp. the broader, outer petals.

    I like the colors to make me think of every day items so I know what I think the color should look like... like whiskey, gardenia, slate, etc.
  6. Maybe people are thinking a gardenia is a different flower than it really is, because I agree that Coach got it pretty much right on. :smile:

    From what I've seen, it's almost like the parchment color that the leather Carly came in, but it has a warmer tone to it, whereas the parchment was cooler. (if that makes sense)
  7. I agree - I have a bunch of these in my backyard, so when I first saw the name, I thought: :okay: Creamy white color! I love it.
  8. Oh how pretty. Lucky you to have such gorgeous flowers in your yard. :smile:
  9. ^^ Yes, they look beautiful for a while....then the dogs trample through them and eat them!