question about the flap bags?

  1. is there a flap bag that you can wear across your body like a messenger bag?
  2. You can wear the jumbo as a messenger bag (though I find it hangs a bit low on the hip) and you can use the Chanel mini flap messenger style.
  3. Also the little wallet on a chain, it's a little mini flap, it's flat.
  4. i just bought my first chanel and it was this little black peforated wallet/purse hybrid........what do you guys think about it? but i also need something a little bigger, so i'll definetly check out the jumbo flap
    thanks so much for your advice
  5. Yup, all you have to do is pull one side of the chain strap up(preferrably the one closest to you) until there's one long strap instead of two shorter ones.
  6. All except the medium can be worn across the chest messenger style.
  7. ^^Yup !
    I wore my my grey 227 reissue & Jumbo Caviar that way
  8. I have this and it looks so cute across the body. Definitely worth looking at!
  9. ^^Me too.
  10. can somebody post pictures wearin it that way
    thanks so much
  11. I have never seen it. Will search now. Thanks SW.:smile:
  12. I love that one! It was shown like that on the mannequin. Great little bag!
  13. Interesting... you can wear the small flap messenger style, but not the medium? How come? :shrugs: