Question about the fit of J Brand jeans...

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  1. I love online shopping, but the fit issue is such a pain! Any help is appreciated. I don't know whether to get 28, 29 or 30 in the cigarette style.

    So i have heard to size down in J Brands because they stretch, but the real question is, how much? I have Habituals in a 28, but they stretched to and actual waist size of almost 33 inches, they're pretty but saggy now. I have low rise Seven's in a size 30, with an actual waist of 31 inches and they are pretty tight.

    So if someone doesn't mind getting out the tape measure, what # size are your J Brands, and what is the ACTUAL waist size now that you've worn them and they've had time to stretch, and what style/color do you own?
  2. By the way, these are the ones I'm, interested in:

    14" Cigarette in Jett:

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  4. Go one size down from your normal size. Don't know about Habituals but it's general one down from the regulars like Sevens, Citizens etc.

    J brand is better for girls with wide hips but small butt. If you already have a bubble butt, those jeans will really accentuate your ass. You may or may not like that. If you have small hip bones, you might have some gapping around the waist when you sit down.
  5. I had gapping on the back of my jeans but i took them to the tailor and she fixed that problem and now they are perfect. Mine are a size 27 with a 30" waist. Mine are slim fit, sixteen inch, straight leg. Hope this helps
  6. I went down a size in Jbrand... I'm a 27 in Sass and Bide but got a 26 in J Brand and they're great. I had a pair of J brand 27's and they ended up way too saggy and huge.
  7. They are definitely a whole size down, esp the ones made out of 2% spandex. Not too sure about the lycra. If you go on Revolve and look at some j brand jeans and click on the "fit" they will give you a guid eon how they fit..
  8. Really? How did she do this? How much did it cost? Can you tell it has been fitted?... Like original stitiching and stuff.