Question About the Epi Noe

  1. Is the epi noe heavier than the monogram noe? I am interested in purchasing a pre-loved epi noe and wondered if the weight would be a problem. I know that the monogram is very light. TIA:smile:
  2. I looked at the epi and mono Petite noe the other day. I briefly compared weights and they were both very light. I didn't get a scale or anything - just quickly picked up both to compare while I was distracted by my two children LOL. If there is a weight difference, it wasn't huge. In short, I don't think weight should be a determining factor if you are trying to decide between the two.

    HTH! :smile:
  3. Thanks Dogdoc!! This does help me. I appreciate your opinion.:tup:
  4. I have an epi petit noe but not the mono. Hmmm, I tried the mono one at the store and I remember that it was light. At that time at the store I didn't try the epi petit noe though. So I didn't really make a comparison. IMO, I think the epi could be a bit heavier. But it's not a heavy bag.
  5. The epi petit noe is surprisingly light! Epi leather is a lot lighter than it looks. :yes:I love mine, and highly recommend it.
  6. I have both and they feel about the same weight wise.
  7. Go for it!! It's a lightweight bag!