Question about the dimples on the lock...

  1. So the lock on my Birkin has only one dimple on one side of the lock instead of one on each side. I asked around and found out that some locks do indeed only have one dimple and some locks have no dimples at all.
    I wanted to confirm this info with all of some of the locks on your bags have only one dimple?
    Thanks for your help!!:flowers:
  2. Oh, I'll have to go and check.......
  3. Thanks so much!!
  4. All mine are double dimpled.

    The dimpling may be caused by the mechanism that inserts the cylinder lock into the main lock form. ? :idea:
  5. Thanks MaggieD! Mine looks like the lock on the far right of your picture with the one dimple. I guess the dimples don't really distinguish whether or not the lock is authentic. I'm thinking it's more of the overall look and quality that distinguishes the authentic from the fake. Maybe Hermes doesn't stay consistent with a detail like the dimples so it's harder for people to counterfeit. Does that make sense?
  6. Haute, all mine have two dimples. Here's an assortment:
  7. awww, sorry, the pic is crap, but they all have two dimples. The only irregularity I notice is the font of the double digit locks is larger, as opposed to the triple digit locks.
  8. Haute, as we all know, the way of Hermes are mysterious . . . :graucho: Your theory on why the variation on dimples is as good as any I could come up with! By the way, what is the number on your one-dimpled lock? Is it 120 like my oddities?
  9. GF, is the lock in your picture on the far left (as I look at it) numbered 120? It looks like it might be, but is just slightly out of focus. If it is a 120, then that means we now know 120 locks can come with one, two or no dimples.
  10. Mine is 104 with one dimple.:confused1:
  11. Without going into too much detail for lurkers with not so honest intentions, I have seen a variety on locks over the years.
  12. Mine have two dimples (and so do I).
  13. Mag - yep, the first one is a 120. It's from a 2000 Kelly.
  14. Completely second orchids (and without further detail for the same reasons).