Question about the Deauville...

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  1. I am still on a quest to find a nice medium to large size bag in the mono canvas. I tried the Lockit Vertical for awhile, but found it to be too big. Then, I tried the Cabas Piano, and found it to be a bit smaller than I like. So... I really like the look of the Deauville, and wondered two things: 1) do many of you carry the bag as an everyday handbag, or more as the make-up/carry-on bag it is designed to be; and 2) for those that carry it as an everyday bag, is it roomy and easy to access your "stuff?"

    Thank you for your input! I am such a fickle LV addict! I have an Epi Petit Noe that I am in love with and won't part with, and am in love with the Damier Hampstead MM (am going to purchase that next week), but I am yet to find the "perfect" mono canvas bag for me. Maybe one of these days:confused1: Thanks again!
  2. I love all the pockets in the deauville and feel like it's a great everyday bag. It's also big enough in the center to fit a file folder. HTH!
  3. Hmm well i don't have the deuville so can't really help you, it depends on how big you like your bags, i like big bags so i would probably use it as an everyday bag, my sister has the mc trouville which i love but is far too small for my taste, ooh i wish they would do the deuville in mc!
  4. I use it mainly as a carry-on. For me, its a little too large for an everyday bag as I don't really carry much.
  5. I like the Deauville but it's handheld, so the large size would be an issue for me. Have you considered the Manhattan? I think it's a gorgeous mono bag and comes in two sizes.
  6. I am currently using mine and I love it. I really like those compartments. As you can see in the photo, they fit my LV Agenda and LV French purse perfectly.

    When I need to leave the house with my two year old, I just throw a couple of training pants, toddler wipes, and zippy cup in there and (in addition to all the stuff you see in the pic) still have room to spare. Yes, it is a big bag, but I love big bags!!!:heart:

    The only things missing in the pic are my digital cam, sunglasses, and keys.
  7. Oooops, here are the pics:

    Attached Files:

  8. Alpine - thanks a million for the pics, they are really helpful! That looks like the perfect size for me, as I have a 3 and 5 yr. old, and am always toting around things for them, too, in addition to my zippy wallet, cosmetic pouch, cell phone, keys, etc. I'm sold! Thanks, again!
  9. mbamom,

    Glad I was able to help. Please post pics when you get your bag. I hope you love it as much as I :heart: mine.
  10. Dear mbamom0103,
    I am also considering buying the Deauville. I don't think you will find it too big, matter of fact it is the perfect size for everyday. I went into the LV boutique last week and tried it on and it was just perfect, fits loads in there (the only problem is it might be a little heavy to hand carry). I ended up getting the Beverly MM because my SA told me there were two left in the country and I could always come back and get the Deauville anytime. Please remember to post pics when you get the bag.

    Alpine1972, I love your pics and thanks for posting them up. You are so organised and your deauville is in just prestine conditions! I can't wait to get mine, hopefully in about a month. Alpine1972, you should post your pics on the clubhouse under Deauville too.
  11. I really like the Deauville, i think you should get it!

    (professional enabler here, LOL!)
  12. I also use my deauville as a day bag. Its big but I've seen chicas with larger bags!
  13. [​IMG]


    those compartments are awesome and outside pocket too!!!

    i've had mine for years....i bought it when it was still around $ right after the JLo ad came out ---- i've used it maybe 3 times and it's been sitting in the closet. it's pretty big bag and heavy....and with my stuff in it, it weighs ton!

    it's very pretty bag though.....and i know it's very popular bag in Japan and many girls wear it as a hand bag!

  14. I have a Deauville also and I bought a strap for it which I would highly recommend. The Deauville has the d-rings built into the handle chads, so it's meant to be used with a strap unlike the Speedy that doesn't have d-rings.

    I use the Deauville as a purse but not as often as I use my other LVs... I love the look of it, but the Deauville gets pretty heavy but I guess that would depend on what you carry with you. You can definately fit a lot of stuff in it and it has the inside straps to hold a water bottle as well!!

    I've never thought to use it as a carry-on even though it's meant to be a "beauty" bag.

    I wish my bag would soften up a bit because it's pretty stiff and the patina isn't that dark... I better start using it more often! But, I love it and would never sell it unlike some of my other LVs that I have sold (Alma, Cabas Piano, Trouville).

    Buy it with a strap!
  15. what is the date code of your deauville?
    i am looking to purchase one fr ebay, but the date code is SR.... so i am a little unsure. most of the deauvilles ive seen, their date codes are VI in the 90s and MB in the 2000s.