Question about the Day

  1. Does it feel like a big bag? is it more like a city, or a work, in terms of size?
    Love the way it looks but since I discovered the First, it seems like most bags are huge... What's your experience been?
  2. Sorry all, meant to post this in the general Balenciaga forum, not Achtung. Can someone please move it for me? thanks!:love: :flowers:
  3. I love the day bags. I do not find it too big at all but then again I love my Chanel coco cabas bag too.
  4. I've never owned a work but the day feels roomier than the city IMO and I have both those latter styles.
  5. I am seriously considering getting one...I like the look better than the city I think...I'm in the minority when it comes to that regard!
  6. If you plan to carry over the shoulder, it looks much better on you than the city. I really like the casual hobo look of it. very practical and easy to carry.
  7. I don't feel like the day bag feels like a big bag. I'm 5' 5" but have seen photos of day bags on petite ladies where it looks wonderful. I would say it feels in between the size of a city and work. I like the way it slouches downward and conforms to the body (so it doesn't seem all that big) yet fits a lot.
  8. Because of the shape is it as easy to find stuff inside as in the city?
    I wanted to get a day in one of the 07 colors.
  9. To me, the Day is like a bottomless pit since it's longer in length. It takes me longer to find my keys and wallet in the Day then in the City.
  10. that's kind of why I'm hesitant about the Day... I wanted a BI day but opted for a BI purse.
    This is also why I don't like the twiggy, When it's stuffed it looks too long, kind of like a sausage, and it takes me forever to find my keys or my phone when it's ringing!
  11. The 2 pockets help alot - I keep my phone in the inner pocket and my keys in the outer pocket - both are quite generous. My wallet is huge and I can easily find it. My other items are all in another leather organizer. You dig a little and I would think if you were very petite, it would hang lower on you and make it a little more inconvenient. I like the purse, too, but they are really completely different looks.
  12. I put my keys and phone in the outside pocket of the day and my wallet is big enough to find easily in the bag.
  13. Definitely more roomy than the city. I find that it does tend to be a bit "bottomless", so I put my keys and cell phone in the outside pocket, and my Blackberry goes in the inside pocket. Keep my lipglosses in a pouch, so that helps too.
  14. I am 5ft tall and the day is the same length of my entire torso. I agree with the bottomless pit idea. You really have to dig deep to find stuff at the bottom. The style is very bohemian (sp) but it is a good bag to just throw over your shoulder when you're in a hurry.