Question about the day/hobo

Hi, I just got the cafe day w/ regular hardware and it is tdf!! It hold a lot but like mbl said, it doesn't organize as much as the city (I had the city but returned it..don't love it) The day has a large pocket on the outside and a pocket in the inside which I would use. It is beautiful..I remember the first I saw it, I thought to myself I would never buy it but then I went through the "Day" thread and had to have one!! The city IMO is too structured for me..I do like it but I wouldn't use it. Many girls on this forum prefer the city I think, it's just personal taste:P :P
I have 5 regular hw Days: BI, Rouge VIF, Camel, Rouge VIF, Truffe & Sapin. Last week I got 3 Days with the gold hw in: Black, White & Cafe. I LOVE the gold hardware on the Day style. I have 4 City's, 2 Twiggy's, 1 Purse & 4 Money's (I use as clutches) and the Day is my favorite Bbag style by far. I very rarely use the City, Twiggy & Purse anymore. I have no problems with organizing... I put my larger articles in the main bag (cosmetic pochette, lwallet, checkbook, sunglasses, etc... and then in the outside and inside zip pockets I put my cell and keys and anything else I need to get to quickly.
Golden - I'm a lot like you. I own five days. I sold a city (a lilac 04 no less), a twiggy, and a work - just to buy more day bags. It is by far my most favorite style so far. I need to try out the mini bowling, brief and mid-afternoon, too though.
Anyway, I actually can find my stuff easier in the day because the inside pocket is bigger and I can fit more of my essentials in there.
stays on your shoulder all by itself, like it's glued there. Love that. Has a large outside pocket and a large inside pocket. Love that. Holds a ton, or hardly anything, and still looks lovely. Love that. I've had cities and twiggies and days. Days are the best by far.
100% agreed!:yes: Days bag are the best IMO!:yahoo:
Just the point that the shoulder strap stays put on my shoulder
is enough to make me fall madly in love:heart: with Day. What more
to say about its gorgeous smooshy leather and the lovely slouchiness?!:love:

I have an Ink City which I hardly use anymore, simply because the Day is so much more comfy to carry!:jammin:
plus the Day holds a lot more than City too!!
If you are plain jane like me than I suggest the cafe or the vermillion when they get that in ( I have the cafe and it is tdf) but you can't go wrong w/ any color really!!
I LOVE and appreciate the Day/Hobo bags :yes: - I still have 3 of them (apple-green, bubblegum-pink and teal = all from 2005) but had 2 more which are sold in the meantime. They really are very comfortable to wear and holds lot of stuff - would absolutely recommend this style ;) :love: !

I think that the day/hobo looks fantastic in every color - for you it depends what you already have (bags, colors) ?!