Question about the day/hobo

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  1. For those of you that have one (or more), does the day hold a LOT of stuff? more than the city? And, do you prefer it to the city in terms of functionality and appearance? Thanks!!
  2. it holds a ton, but it also doesn't organize it very well. I love it though
  3. Hi, I just got the cafe day w/ regular hardware and it is tdf!! It hold a lot but like mbl said, it doesn't organize as much as the city (I had the city but returned it..don't love it) The day has a large pocket on the outside and a pocket in the inside which I would use. It is beautiful..I remember the first I saw it, I thought to myself I would never buy it but then I went through the "Day" thread and had to have one!! The city IMO is too structured for me..I do like it but I wouldn't use it. Many girls on this forum prefer the city I think, it's just personal taste:P :P
  4. Now, I just have to choose between the giant and regular hardware *rips out hair*
  5. I have 5 regular hw Days: BI, Rouge VIF, Camel, Rouge VIF, Truffe & Sapin. Last week I got 3 Days with the gold hw in: Black, White & Cafe. I LOVE the gold hardware on the Day style. I have 4 City's, 2 Twiggy's, 1 Purse & 4 Money's (I use as clutches) and the Day is my favorite Bbag style by far. I very rarely use the City, Twiggy & Purse anymore. I have no problems with organizing... I put my larger articles in the main bag (cosmetic pochette, lwallet, checkbook, sunglasses, etc... and then in the outside and inside zip pockets I put my cell and keys and anything else I need to get to quickly.
  6. Golden - I'm a lot like you. I own five days. I sold a city (a lilac 04 no less), a twiggy, and a work - just to buy more day bags. It is by far my most favorite style so far. I need to try out the mini bowling, brief and mid-afternoon, too though.
    Anyway, I actually can find my stuff easier in the day because the inside pocket is bigger and I can fit more of my essentials in there.
  7. stays on your shoulder all by itself, like it's glued there. Love that. Has a large outside pocket and a large inside pocket. Love that. Holds a ton, or hardly anything, and still looks lovely. Love that. I've had cities and twiggies and days. Days are the best by far.
  8. it holds as much as the city but more practical cuz it's a shoulder bag!! yay!!
  9. 100% agreed!:yes: Days bag are the best IMO!:yahoo:
    Just the point that the shoulder strap stays put on my shoulder
    is enough to make me fall madly in love:heart: with Day. What more
    to say about its gorgeous smooshy leather and the lovely slouchiness?!:love:

    I have an Ink City which I hardly use anymore, simply because the Day is so much more comfy to carry!:jammin:
    plus the Day holds a lot more than City too!!
  10. thanx gals! color suggestions??
  11. If you are plain jane like me than I suggest the cafe or the vermillion when they get that in ( I have the cafe and it is tdf) but you can't go wrong w/ any color really!!
  12. The Day carries ALOT of stuff.

    The Day is a better bag if you need to carry lots of big items, but the City is better for small items you need to dig around for.
  13. I LOVE and appreciate the Day/Hobo bags :yes: - I still have 3 of them (apple-green, bubblegum-pink and teal = all from 2005) but had 2 more which are sold in the meantime. They really are very comfortable to wear and holds lot of stuff - would absolutely recommend this style ;) :love: !

    I think that the day/hobo looks fantastic in every color - for you it depends what you already have (bags, colors) ?!