Question about the Day bag -

  1. Does it stand up on its own when filled? Many hobo type bags do not stand up and flop over when put down.. does the Day do this or does it have a bottom piece of leather that holds it up? I hope this makes sense.
  2. The Day bag is really slouchy and even if you put a ton of stuff in it the top part flops over and falls down. Unless you really really pack the bag it won't stand up straight on its own. However I like that is slouches cuz that's the look I think of when I think of Bal.
  3. Thanks. But when you sit the bag down, does it stand up or do you have to lay it down on its side. I don't think I am being clear on what I am asking....
  4. You don't have to lay it down. It creates a "bottom" all its own but the top falls over on itself if it is not filled to the top...
  5. Thank you! Thats what I needed to know.
  6. Yeah if it has something in it and you set it down, it doesnt fall over, just slouches on top of its self. If its absolutely empty perhaps yes it was lay over on its own.