question about the damier line....

  1. Does LV make a bag that's similar to the Tivoli but in Damier? I read the snow/rain post and it's getting me freaked out. ha! I live in a place where it snows 8 months out of the year...Or should I just suck it up and get the Tivoli? Is there anything I can put on it to fully protect it? Also is the Damier Azur waterproof as well? (stupid question I know...)
  2. yes, damier azur is waterproof, and no, the tivoli is not in the damier line, but the bh branched out to damier, so perhaps the tivoli will follow suit.
  3. I think the Damier Trevi PM is the closest to the Tivoli in looks.
    I love my Tivoli PM, but I also love my Damier Berkeley. Honestly, I like the feel of the damier canvas better than the monogram canvas.....and it is SO much easier to care for.
    If you go with the Tivoli, I'd get Apple Garde rain&stain repellant---it TRULY works and your vachetta will not water spot.
    Hope this helps and good luck in your decision!:smile:
  4. the trevi looks similar to the tivoli...and it has a shoulder vachetta to worry about...
  5. I never have problem using my mono bags in rain or snow. If it gets wet, it will dry and won't leave any spot.
  6. I think the Trevi PM or GM would be the closest to the Tivoli. And a gorgeous bag at that!
  7. yay. Go for Trevi , it is a beautiful bag.. I LVoe Damier too
  8. Trevi GM! Very nice bag! :yes:
  9. Another question about damier... Are the white ones easy to keep? I was thinking about putting my name on the waiting list for the neverfull damier.

  10. Damier Azur is not waterproof. It has vachetta straps and it will get watermarks and stains if it gets wet. Damier Ebene is the one you don't have to worry about. Also, the BH does not come in Damier at this point and probably won't for another year. It can't be special ordered either.

    A Tivoli in Damier would be really cute though.

  11. I dont think so...