Question about the Damier Cosmetique...

  1. Do you think it would be OK to carry that as my wallet/clutch just to hold a couple things? It would fit my card/ID case, phone, and my lipstick perfect and then I wouldn't have to carry a purse w/me. I am just going to a casual bar/restaurant on Saturday afternoon. :confused1:

  2. I've done that before, I think it's fine, it has a cute shape so it kinda looks like a clutch anyway.....
  3. Awesome idea.. but wouldnt a pochette be easier because you could put it over your shoulder(at a bar)?
  4. Yes, it would be cute to carry it as a clutch. I have the same cosmetic bag but in Mono but now I wish I had bought it in Damier. Oh well.... Have fun with it!
  5. Yeah you are right, but I don't have a pochette to use and I'm going this weekend. Plus it's more of a social gathering, sitting down kind of a function that I'm going to so I can just set it on the table. I would love to get a pochette in the future though.
  6. I think it is roundish for a clutch, and def. looks like a make up case. You would be better off with a pouchette accessories. JMHO
  7. I agree - I have it in mono and it would look like you have your makeup bag with you, not a clutch. A pochette or mini would be better. Good excuse to get something. ;)