Question about the damier azur wait list

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  1. I know there is some threads floating around about the wait list and i posted in them but my question is those who are on the list at the store does that mean they are purchased or is the list a call list for when they come in or info comes in because i know the nice lady on the 866 number just took my personal info no cc to call me when she gets more info and when they actually come in. She said she cant take cc number cuz there is no product number Areon you on the call list or are u actually lined up to get it as soon as it comes in??:s
  2. sorry for my typos on the bottom line
    correction are you on the call list
  3. my understanding was that the azur was a permanent...thus no need for a wait list...maybe I'm wrong!
  4. good point haha!! i guess i mean they will prob sell out really quickly in the beg
  5. My understanding is...

    They take your CC number for the particular store that you list with...if you list with the 866, they usually list you on the call list.....unless you want then to send the product to you.

    Even if you give out the CC, it does not mean you have to purchase anything really, Its to make sure that you are can always call and cancel....and even change your mind at the store.

    The CC is for first come first served and they just want the serious buyers to list...and so ask for the numbers to weed out.
  6. It is so funny you said this!

    I took some info for this line not to long ago, and yeah my manager said since it is permanent - there is no wait list... ha.

    I am like, umm okay... haha, so yeah it is up to me I keep on this!