Question about the Crimson Sig Stripe

  1. Did Coach ever make it on a mini skinny? I just used my PCE to buy the tote and wristlet and I would love to find the mini in that color as well. Thanks!
  2. I'm pretty sure they did but I don't know if there are any left. You could call the 800 number or your local coach boutique. They could find out for you. Btw, I just purchased the large tote and wristlet in the crimson sig stripe! :smile: We'll be twins! lol.
  3. Isn't it absolutely gorgeous... I remember in July wanting the vermillion, but never getting it, and then when I went today, I just stopped dead and was like I have to have this Crimson, so much prettier *drools*
  4. OH I know! I wanted it so bad when they came out last fall but wasn't in the position to buy any coach. I am so glad they had some left at JAX! I'm so excited!