Question about the colour of Vernis and Epi

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  1. i only keep my eye on Monogram/MC, Damier and Limited Edition before.

    I want to start to get some Vernis and Epi purses, there are so many different colors on the 2nd hand market. I have no idea which color is the latest or the discontinued.

    Could anyone help for this?

    does the color change every season or every year?

    Is there a special color is never discontinue?

    Please list the color which is currently in store and the discontinued one.

    Thank you very much!
  2. I have a mandarin Speedy and french purse, I found out that they were going to be discontinued. I THINK black is allways going to be there, but the gold hardware on the bags are (going to be) discontinued too so it is pallidium hardware now. I think that black and mandarin were the colors that came with the gold hardware.
  3. can anyone help?
  4. The epi line was a bit different some time ago, it was a bit stiffer and they modified it a bit so it is softer now. It came in several now discontinued colours then like a bright yellow with a purple lining, a red (here often called old red) black, a blue (I think it was called toledo) a bright green and at least the Noe came in a combination of colours like black bag and straps in different colours, very bright and funny. In these days all the hardware was gold. They discontinued all of these colours and introduced a new beautiful red which is going to stay as well as the black as far as I know. Several other colours where introduced and discontinued like two browns, the mandarin, the myrtille (a blue), vanilla (a very light yellow) a very soft and very light lilac. The hardware on all new things are now silver so gold is only available on what is left in the stores. the newest colour they introduced is canelle, a very beige brownish tone. Hope that is correct and helps. Oh, and there should be a new white soon.:smile:
  5. As far as the vernis is:

    Discontinued colors: Red, Pink, Lt. Blue, Silver, Indigo, Bronze, Lavendar, Purple

    Current colors: Noisette, Perle(soon to be dis.), Framboise(soon to be dis.)

    I'm sure there are some I don't remember, but you can check Ebay for some of these colors, just make sure you buy from a Mypoupette recommended seller.
  6. There is a great thread that Ghost 55 started on the Epi line in the reference section. It has all the colors discontinued etc. You should check it out.:yes:
  7. Ya beat me to it ama....cherry: if you go to the Louis Vuitton Reference area I started a thread on all of the different Epi colors. Hopefully one day we'll have pics of all of the colors and the years they were available, etc.
    Maybe you could also start one for Vernis!
  8. I'm not sure if this is all for Vernis:

    discontinued colors:
    light blue

    current colors:
  9. There is also the Robert Wilson neon bags in Orange and Lime. I believe there is also an orange that was not the Robert Wilson bags. Plus marshmallow and indigo.
  10. Right, there was tangerine, a dark orange.
  11. Check out this for vernis and the post about epi in the reference section, like someone said! GOOD LUCK! Vernis and epi are my favorite :biggrin:
  12. I also forgot about Peppermint.
  13. thanks everyone, once I gathered all information, i will start a thread for reference
  14. you forgot peppermint, unless you meant Lt blue.