Question about the color INDIGO

  1. Is this a new or old color? If the latter is true, is it discontinued or will be any time soon? TIA!
  2. hey, i think it's old but brought back to the fore again. for the last podium, indigo was offered in box and epsom at least, maybe togo.

    hopefully it's here to stay! :biggrin:
  3. Not sure but I had a bag from the fall in vache liegee and it was so pretty! Love indigo!
  4. Indigo has been out there for quite some time, the darkest blue, same shade as dark as raisin, ebene and graphite. Each season they offer various color selection in each leather type, this S/S 07, you may find Indigo in Fjord, but not T Clemence, it's better to take a good look at the leather book in store
  5. Question: Is Indigo same as Navy or they are different? :confused1:
  6. Good question, and if they are different colors, are they both available in the leather books/orders? I'll have to check that.
  7. Yes, these are two different colors. Navy is lighter and would not be confused with black they way indigo can be sometimes. I don't think navy has been done in a while, though.
  8. Thanks! I have a bag that is very dark and with flash it's blue but without camera's flash, it's almost black. I would have an indigo and not a navy bag?
  9. ^^that sounds right, PF!
  10. I totally agree. Indigo is almost a "cool" black, whereas Hermes black has more of a warm undertone. You wouldn't confuse indigo with navy in any leather, IMO.

    I haven't seen any new pieces in navy. Anyone else?
  11. I bought a navy Ulysee which is in Togo, for my sister. It really looks like black and I could have been fooled it was black, if I'd not opened the Ulysee to see the blue underside.
  12. Hi! lookie...
  13. I :heart: Navy. The Indigo Is Just Exquisite!!! Shoes I Love Your Indigo Bolide ~ Magnificent!!!!!;)
  14. This is my Indigo Kelly in box calf.. you can tell under various lights, it looks different :biggrin:

    Taken in the apartment, in the night under yellow lights.. it's really dark.

    This is the Kelly with flash and in the sunlight (I took this in the car).

    This is taken this morning (8ish) in the "garden"/grass patch - this is the TRUE color IRL. Oh, below is a BLACK CD organiser. So you can tell, it's almost black (No way my Kelly is sitting on the pavement :p )

    I hope the visual helps,, it only look like navy blue when it is with flash but without, it looks almost black, with a little tingle different.
  15. Princessfrog I love your indigo kelly!!!:nuts: