question about the color blue

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  1. I saw Neiman's LE blue Balbag with its gunmetal hardware. Does anyone know the name of this color blue ? Also, I bought my wife a Part Time with GSH '07. I asked the SA what color is this bag and he scanned it and told me "Bleu". Just curious as to the names of these blues !
  2. I have this NM bag, and since theres no name of the color on the tag, I have no clue what it's called. I'm sure someone here knows this answer!
  3. If its Fall 07 blue, then i think it should be Ocean.
    Very beautiful blue imo, saw it irl.
  4. I saw it referred to as gunmetal blue in one of their catalogues I believe. It isn't Ocean, it is a special blue that was made only for Neiman Marcus.
  5. ^^^ I think the gunmetal refers to the hardware color, since that was also a special Neimans exclusive color, like the bag itself.
  6. Thank you to all of you for your info on the color blue.
    Trying to expand my wife's and my daughter's handbag collection to other designers; and Balenciaga caught my attention for the variety of colors, styles and the softness of the leather. What a great designer handbag !
  7. ^^You're an enabler! LOL! :tup:

    Not Ocean Blue. The blue that the OP is speaking of is exclusive to Neiman's for their 100th Anniversary. I think it's referred to as the NM Blue as what the other poster said.
  8. WOW! What a keeper you are! Lucky girls!
  9. I agree you sure are a keeper!!
  10. Oops, sorry if i made a mistake. :shame:
    But i tot the OP bought a PartTime for his wife? Does the Neiman's LE comes in PartTime too? :confused1:
  11. No, it is only available in City. Does anyone know how many of the NM bags were made? I was thinking maybe 100, but it seems like they would be all sold by now. I have it, and it is really beautiful with fab leather! :heart: