Question about the color Anthracite?

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  1. Is anthracite a metallic gray? or is it just a deep gray? I don't want to get my hopes up on the anthracite embroidered audrey if the color is metalic. If anyone knows I would appreciate it!!!:smile:
  2. i had the anthracite leather textured aurdrey i dont think it was metallic at all. its a deep grey very unique
  3. I really hope so!! I don't care for metallic bags. I am super excited for this color!! Anyone else have anthracite bags?
  4. anyone else?
  5. You could always just google image "anthracite coach"
    It's a pretty color to me
  6. very pretty color actually!
  7. Anthracite is a glorified "dark grey". It's a pretty color.
  8. I have a Metallic Brooke in this color-a dark, silverly gray. It is a very pretty metallic :biggrin:
  9. it should be a pretty dark, flat grey

    this is the anthracite patent garnet... i will have to take a better picture for you when i get home... it's shiny only because of the patent not the anthracite color


    here is a close up from a listing on ebay (nma) for the anthracite audrey with a textured finish... it looks a little shiny more because of the texture than from being a metallic


    hope this helps
  10. Yes buy what I see it is a really lovely Dark Grey... I really like that color..
  11. So now I'm confused metallic or not?
  12. Balenciaga has been calling their dark grey bags antracite for years - funny how Coach is using the term lately
  13. I have the Alex stitched patent tote in anthricite , it is not matallic, in my opinion, much more saturated into the leather, most metallics sit on top of the leather...........does that make sense??
  14. You can really tell from johnnie's pix the difference between the patent and the regular finish. I have the same Garnet and it almost has a chameleon effect with a green and purple irridescence in the patent coating that is quite pretty. I hope the embroidered audrey is as lovely!
  15. claire [​IMG]