question about the cles?

  1. is the cles a good buy? is it worth it?
  2. for me it was. i got mine on let-trade. a great deal. i use it EVERYday
  3. i have the MC cles, i use it a lot to carry some paper money and CC when i go out clubbing and need my hands free.
    i just put them in my jeans pocket :p
  4. I :love: my cles! Get it!
  5. TOTALLY worth it. I am so glad I got one, I initially only used it to put my keys in so they don't scratch up the other things in my bag, but I started using it for school (so I don't have to bring a purse), keeping my cards and cash in there, keys on the outside, and it's SO useful!
  6. Totally worth it. I love mine, and it holds a lot more than you'd think! It's perfect for the pochette accessories/small scaled bags and for making a quick run.
  7. actually if i'm going to get one, its going to be my very 1st LV!!!
  8. I attach mine to my keys and keep my bus pass and health club cards inside. I love it!! Now I never end up at the bus or club digging in my purse or wallet trying to find those cards!

  9. totally go for it. check out all the auth. resellers on eBay. they have such good deals if you don't mind getting a pre-loved item. i think it's worth it cuz it's going to get dirty anyways.
  10. I'd say, if you were planning on getting a Mono one, go to the boutique to get it. Get the boutique experience for a first LV!

    Oh, and the MC and Vernis ones are nice, but not nearly as practical as the Mono/perfo/charms ones since they don't hold as much and aren't as durable as the Mono/perfo/charms ones.
  11. oh, how exciting!:yahoo: i also love all my cles!
  12. Great for cash, cards, and keys! :yes: I try to buy one from every line I like.
  13. totally worth it!
  14. definitely a good buy. i bought my first an orange perfo and thought i will only use it for couple of months and thats it and my cles will not see the light again BUT i am going to get another one before the price increase in feb.
  15. the mono's fit more? i have the mc and my aunt has the vernis and they both fit a lot of stuff. i can only imagine how much more goes into the mono!!! :heart: