Question about the classic flap

  1. Does the classic flap always have the double flap?
    I know the jumbo doesn't but I really want the classic size with just one flap.

    Does Chanel make a single flap in the classic medium size?
  2. Yes but they are the limited editions such as in the "pop" collection or the heart chain bag. The usual medium/large flaps have the double flap. In support of the double flap, it helps maintain the shape of the outer flap. Two, I have never in 20 years of ownership ever snapped that inner flap. I open the bag and I'm in it.

    The other option is to go with the e/w (pouchette) style. It has a single flap, single chain, most of them. They hold the same as the medium/large and the new ones out have the pocket on the back same as the other flaps. You can shorten the chain as well -- and it's a very lightweight bag.
  3. Thanks for the info. I never thought about the structure functionality of the second flap.