Question about the City

  1. I just called NM to see if they had a black city and she asked my what size?
    I thought the City was only one size and the next size up was the Weekender?
  2. Funny yes there is only one city but the next size is the work and then the weekender.
  3. yes, there's only one size of the city. it's the name of that certain size bag.
    so weird...
    the next size up is work or the office, then the weekender
  4. You are correct - there is only one size City. Some of the SAs at NM don't know much about B-bags.
  5. LMAO ! Apparently this sales lady didn't know what size! You know it irks me when I ask for handbags and you would think being NM is high end they should know all the technical details! She was making me sound stupid in the end she was stupid!
  6. same thingg happened when i was looking at an '05 b bags. and when she try to sell to me, i said i'd prefer an older leather from '04.
    she said it's all the same, that there's no difference on the leather!
    WTF! :roflmfao:
  7. The whole company doesn't have any black city. The inventory shows some stores have 1 but none of the stores seem to have it. For the NM in SF, for example, there is actually a waitlist for the black city; so when a black city does come in, it goes directly to those on the waitlist.
  8. oh the black city is "still" such a hot bag
  9. Many of the SA at Saks, NM and even some at Barney's sound clueless when I call them. It worries me because they might accept a fake as a return.
  10. It's so ridiculous....I have so much more respect for SA's who say "you know what, I'm not exactly sure". Most if not all SA's are not going to know at places like NM or Saks about every line, so why do some act like they do or get defensive when you know more than they do. I won't even go into some of the conversations I've had.:confused1:

    Sometimes I feel I want to get a job at my local NM not only for the discount, but to learn everything I can about every high end designer so I can blow the socks off every nose pickin' SA there!:biguns:

    end of rant........Good luck getting your City.;)