Question about the Catena treatment

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  1. I think, from what I can find here and other places, that the Catena (chain) treatment came out in 2006. But that's all I can find. Was this a special edition treatment or ? I know it came out on a Veneta, a continental wallet, and a smaller bi-fold wallet.

    Also, to anybody that has a SLG in this treatment, would you say it's heavier than it would be without the chain?

    Thanks ever so much for responses!
  2. Anyone?

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  3. India, I know the chain treatment on the Veneta was rough on clothing.
  4. Thank you.
  5. I've only handled the Veneta and it was a little heavier than a non-chain version. The wallet in your photo doesn;t have much chain, so it probably isn't significantly heavier. Like LLA said, chains were rough on clothing (snags galore). You may not have any issue with an SLG, unless you carry it around.
  6. I think Joyce has this version of the Veneta
  7. I hope not - this is a very pretty color and I love the chain design. I seem to like my SLGs a little 'edgier' - :cool:

    I've always liked the Catena treatment.
  8. Joyce has the one with the zippers nit the rings
  9. I have the wallet and it wears like iron. I loved the look but snagged a sweater in the store trying out bags
  10. That was wearing the bag, right? When it snagged?

    Do you remember what the leather is? Goat or calf? Not Cervo, is it?
  11. Nappa with the textured leather would be my guess. My memory stinks at leather types and reading a tag
  12. Thank you! :heart:
  13. #13 Apr 29, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2016
    Got the wallet today, and it's Parma Chevre. Sturdy leather, even better than Cervo for toughness. I'm impressed. The chain detailing is smooth on the wallet - I like it! Can't believe it was purchased and never used. I am a lucky woman to have found this little beauty!

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  14. those finds are the best, lovely detailing
  15. Thank you! :heart: