Question about the Cartouche Bracelet


Jul 14, 2008
Hong Kong
So I was browsing around the H site as usual and I came across this beauty called the Cartouche bracelet! Whilst I was doing my research I couldn't help noticing that the bracelet is fastened by nothing more than a knot... which is worrying.

To those who have it, do you find the knot secure to you? I know it's such a silly question but I would be heartbroken if the bracelet falls off one day!

Oh, and how is the leather attached to the silver? Is it just weaved through? Can't tell from the pics!

Thanks ladies!
Sep 12, 2008
The leather goes through a hole in each end of the silver bracelet.

If I were to buy this or something like it, I would tie the leather cord at a point where the cuff was snug, but could still be pulled over the wrist to remove the bracelet. I would leave the leather tied permanently in that position.

I wouldn't think it would be any more likely to be lost than an enamel bracelet that is put on by simply slipping over the hand?

They also come in several sizes, so accurately choosing the correct size will have an effect on how well it fits. I would think it best to go into a boutique to take a look at one in person.


Gettin jiggy w/it!
Aug 25, 2006
I don't have one but TPFer junkenpo does and I got to touch it and play with it. It's a very beautiful piece and she's had it for awhile so she may be able to shed some insight.